Kit 4 combines filetés, qui pour un achat d'ici l'été 2018 ?

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Re: Kit 4 combines filetés, qui pour un achat d'ici l'été 2018 ?

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Nos collègues anglais de MR2ROC achètent par GB les MeisterR.

Si vous manquez en termes d'intérêt ici peut-être qu'avec eux vous aurez plus de remises0

Source : ... 40#p661693

Je n'ai aucune expérience avec ces combinés. Je relaye juste l'information en néophyte complet.
The current MeisterR Zeta-S / Zeta-R series had been in production for over 5 years now.
We continually make small changes to improve our product, but we are happy to announce that a NEW series with BIG changes are ready to be offered to the community.

MeisterR is proud to introduce our latest generation of the Zeta series suspension, the ZetaCRD.

The ZetaCRD is the product of our past 3 years working with our UK Research and Development partner Black Art Design, who also designed, engineered, and build our MeisterR GT1 coilovers.
With over 20 years of vehicle dynamic engineering experience as well and a track record of building championship winning suspension for race cars and OEM application, many of these experiences have gone into MeisterR's suspension.

The Zeta-S coilovers will be superseded by the ZetaCRD
The Zeta-R coilovers will be superseded by the ZetaCRD+

The new coilovers that are coming in around Christmas have quite a few changes, so I'll list a few.

1. New Damper Valving: CRD (Close Ratio Damping):
We have produced a new damper valving design which we call the CRD (Close Ratio Damping).
The CRD is something we engineered in house and it is unique to MeisterR, you will not find it in any other suspension.
BC won't have it, D2 won't have it, YellowSpeed won't have it, HSD won't have it… etc…
We will post up damper dyno in the future, but it takes a bit of time for us as our in house dyno is a development dyno, so it does everything except make pretty print out that people can easily read.

What the CRD does is that it keep the compression and rebound ratio close to each other at the full stiff adjustments without going massively over critical rebound damping like you will find on many suspensions on the market.
What this mean is you will have a comfortable ride on softer setting, but the stiffer damper setting will produce better grip as the increase in compression damping force will sharpen the steering response as well as force the tyre to generate more traction.
The rebound force are also kept in check to not go over critical so it will not "jack down" the car.
When suspension is over critical damping, it create unpredictable handling characteristic because the suspension are not allowed to work through it natural frequency.

The CRD keeps the rebound force in check to make sure both compression and rebound are working together to get the most out of the tyres on a specific application.
This is the product of a vehicle dynamic engineer with 20 years of experience to get an entry level suspension perform as best as we possibly can make them.

2. Increase damper shaft diameter:
We increased the damper shaft diameter by 10% to increase strength and side load capacity.
The ZetaCRD will use a 22mm and 14mm damper shaft instead of the industry standard 20mm and 12.5mm shaft found on many other coilovers.

3. Radial Adjustable Non-Slip (RAN) collars (UK Patent Pending 1517993.0)
To make adjustment easier as well as distinguish MeisterR from other coilovers, we developed a new and unique RAN collar design are non-slip and will allow much higher torque application.
The new collars are forged, and the new C-spanner that work with the collar are all individually laser cut.
As everything had to work within a very close tolerance for the RAN system to work, it isn't something that many manufacturer will produce simply due to cost.
This is another MeisterR exclusive with a UK Patent currently pending; you will not see the same collar from any other brands in the world.

4. Spring coils isolator:
A new isolator is added to the first coil at the top and the bottom of the springs.
The isolator reduce any possible springs noise as well as help improve durability of the springs.

There are a few other minor details but the list above gives you a pretty good idea that the new ZetaCRD isn't a simple colour change.
The price will go up slightly (about £30) compare to the older Zeta-S / Zeta-R series

ZZW30 Specific info:
Springs Rate: Front 5kg/mm, Rear 7kg/mm

While the springs rate remain the same as before, the new CRD valving will sharpen the steering response on stiffer setting on the front and allow the rear to achieve more traction especially under acceleration.

We took experience gain from working with our UK technical partner and implement them into our suspension.
The ZetaCRD is the product of our hard work over the years and we are excited and proud to offer them to the community.
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Re: Kit 4 combines filetés, qui pour un achat d'ici l'été 2018 ?

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Thank you !